Robert Keenan

“Roswell saved my life – twice.” This is how Bob Keenan likes to introduce himself when he’s at Roswell Park. Bob hopes that his story will inspire others to come to Roswell Park for their treatment. In his case, Bob chose Roswell Park for robotic surgery for his prostate cancer in 2014 and went home with no complications.   

One year later he developed flu-like symptoms and an excruciating pain in his back. After treatment at two other area hospitals, he and his family knew that the illness had not been resolved. Finally, coming to Roswell Park in critical condition, Drs. Brahm Segal, Andrew Fabiano and Amy Alvarez-Perez diagnosed an infection in his spinal column and after 10 days of treatment Bob’s infection was cured.

Bob and his wife Jane were so inspired by the excellent care he received that they advised Roswell Park that they had made gift plans through their will, to benefit the Institute.

“I feel blessed that I could be seen here, treated and cured. People seem puzzled when I say that I love going to Roswell Park, but they saved my life – twice.”